Lindsay and Cinnie the Llama

Lindsay grew up playing imaginary business as she punched numbers into an adding machine in a fortress of milk crates. As a descendent of generations of small business owners, Lindsay always imagined she would keep that tradition alive. However, she caught the science bug early in life and decided to spend her formative years in classrooms and laboratories. Lindsay is now a recovering molecular biologist who, despite turning in her badge and pipette gun, has a passion for science & education.

Lindsay earned her doctorate in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Florida, with a concentration in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Science education has always been an area of interest for Lindsay, who left the lab bench to work in a new field of embedded electronics. Beginning her career in the manufacturing sector of SparkFun Electronics, Lindsay saw great potential for bringing SparkFun’s technology into the classroom. In January of 2011, she formed a new education department at the company to bring accessible, affordable and relevant technology into the classroom. The success of the program provided Lindsay with unique opportunities to participate in events like the White House Science Fair, White House Maker Faire and various thought leadership events.

During her doctoral work, Lindsay also pursued graduate education in Science and Health Communication. Lindsay is passionate about the intersection of science and community as well as innovative solutions to improve engagement between these groups. Lindsay presented “Vaccination: A Story of Risk & Community” at 2015 TEDx Boulder and frequently contributes opinion articles and editorials on controversial topics including vaccination and genetic engineering. Lindsay’s goal is to find the right tool sets to allow community members to better understand and engage with science to create healthier and more informed communities.

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Things that make Lindsay happy: science, overalls, llamas, mountain biking, dark chocolate, skulls, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Better Off Dead and the Beastie Boys.